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Posts published in “Zebpay”

Australian users can now trade EOS on Zebpay

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With an impending bull run, a barrage of institutional investments into crypto and the launch of Facebook’s Libra coin, crypto markets are poised at an interesting junction. Meanwhile, at Zebpay,…

Trading on Zebpay: Order Types Explained

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Rapid price movement coupled by a decisive strategy is what makes bitcoin exciting. However, to execute your strategy, you need the right platform that complements your enthusiasm. Ease and simplicity…

Say Hello to Zebpay in Australia!

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Zebpay is on a mission to #SetCryptoFree. We’ve done this over our five-year history through all the innovations we brought to the crypto world. Batching on-chain transactions, removing exchange trading…

Zebpay  —  Year in Review 2018

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Zebpay — Year in Review 2018 Zebpay Crypto Exchange Hey Zebian! We hope you had a great beginning and as we look up to 2019 for another crypto year, let’s take a moment to…

Zebpay Monthly Roundup: Jan 2019 Edition

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We hope you had a great start to 2019 and we look forward to have an amazing crypto 2019 ahead. And, here we are with our monthly roundup. To begin with,…

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