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Bitcoin (BTC) Mining is Actually Green

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Bitcoin (BTC) mining uses up as much electricity as Austria in a year, at 73.12 TW/h, shows data collected by This exorbitant energy use is viewed as one of…

Lump-Sum Bitcoin Purchase Gives 68 Percent Better ROI Than DCA

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For those without the time, technical knowledge, or courage, to trade daily bitcoin markets, there are two simple investment strategies. These being lump-sum purchase and dollar-cost averaging (DCA) whereby the purchase…

Upbit Operator Dunamu to Build OTC Stock Platform

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The operator of the Upbit exchange extends into another area of trading. Dunamu, the firm behind one of the leading South Korean exchanges, will launch an OTC platform for unlisted…

Crypto Exchange Poloniex to ‘Spin Out’ from Circle

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Poloniex, one of the earliest crypto trading platforms that targeted the US market will ‘spin-out’ from Circle. Despite the efforts to build a fully compliant market, Poloniex is shutting its…

Binance 125X Leverage Sparks Criticism From Community

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Crypto exchange Binance announced that its recently launched futures trading platform would offer BTC/USDT contracts with up to 125:1 leverage. Use With Caution Starting from today, Binance Futures allows investors…

Bitcoin Nears Half the Age of the Average Fiat Currency

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Bitcoin (BTC) is headed to its 11th anniversary, inviting comparison to the life cycle of fiat currencies. Commenters pointed out that fiat currencies are actually prone to crises, and sometimes…

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